The main goal when someone joins a Surf Camp it’s to learn how to surf, but in Nice Way Cascais & Surf Camp we think there’s much more around surfing than simply stand up on the board and ride a wave. It’s true that riding a wave is going to be one of your best sensations ever but there’s a few etiquette rules that you should keep in mind while practicing to become the next Kelly Slater 😉 There’s 5 etiquette rules that every Nice Way Surf Camp Beginner should know.


#1. Have a Positive attitude
What goes around comes around! Keeping a positive attitude will make you have much more fun and allow the others around to you to have fun as well. Be nice, after all you’re in Nice Way Surf Camp

#2 Pick the Right Location
There’s a say in Surf: “If in doubt, don’t paddle out!”
Reading the ocean is something that you don’t learn in one or two weeks. Sometimes surfers misjudge conditions and end up in uncomfortable situations. That’s why our Surf Camp team is ready to support you and take you to the beach where the conditions are best for your level. Cascais has multiple options and in the same day you can have a perfect beginner day in one beach and world class wave in another beach only 15 min away. It’s just a matter to know where to go!



#3 Hold to your board and be patient
Cascais has waves for everyone, don’t ruin your and others surf experience trying to catch every single wave. Hold to your board and wait for the right wave to go. Doing this, you’ll have time to prepare yourself to catch the wave in the right time, and most important you won’t leave your board uncontrolled in the line-up ready to hit someone.  Most of the accidents in surf are related with boards hitting surfers.

Cascais Surf Camp

#4 Clean the beach
Nowadays everyone should be self conscious about littering, but is much easier to say than do. So, on the way back from your Surf session don’t ignore the little trash you see in the sand. Pick it up! Cascais council has an excellent program regarding beach cleaning but they do appreciate an extra hand.

#5 Smile
You’re a lucky person if you have the chance to spend time in Surf Camp Cascais instead of being at the office 🙂

This simple rules will make your Surf Camp Experience much better and you’ll easily fall in love for Cascais Surf lifestyle!

Hoping to see you soon! If you’re looking for more info check us out here!


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