Who comes to Cascais Surf Camp?

My name is Monica and I’ve been working at Nice Way Cascais hostel & surf camp for over 3 years! In my daily life I deal with our guests on a face to face basis and I’ve met all kinds of people. Quirky, relaxed, chilled, laid-back, stressed-out, freaky, you name it and there’s a good chance I’ve seen it. However, during the past 3 years there’s 3 kinds of people that most often stay at our Cascais Surf Camp:

“Surf, surf, surf”– Surf in the morning, surfing during the lunch break, surf in the afternoon, sunset surf sessions and if it would be possible they would go surf after dinner. They want to spend their vacations improving their surf skills as much as possible and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t mind to spend a lot of time inside water looking to our beautiful Cascais coast line?

Nice Way Cascais Surf Camp

Nice Way Cascais Surf Camp

“I want to surf but take it easy, I’m on vacations. Who wants to go out tonight in Lisbon?”– Known as moderate surf students. They look at surf lessons as a way to improve their skills but they also want to relax, enjoying their time exploring the surroundings (such as Cascais, Sintra and Lisbon). They want the experience of staying in a surf camp and meeting new people, going out and have a few drinks. Easy going vacations!


“Oh you are giving surf lessons?! Interesting…” From time to time someone who booked a bed or a room in our place but doesn’t have the slightest idea that we are a Surf Camp too. So obviously they are curious and want to find out if it is easy to stand up on a surf board on the first lesson or if a beginner student can take a “green wave” (once of those bigger waves vs. sea foam) and how fast they can do it!
It’s quite common for us to answer that you will not become Kelly Slater after 1 week of surf lessons but, for sure, you will have a lot of fun! In the end it depends on your commitment… 

The memories of an authentic week at the Cascais Surf Camp will have you counting the days, weeks and months to get that salty skin feeling again! So why don’t you close your eyes and imagine yourself… Can you see us?!

Hope to see you soon,


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